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Playing the violin created my passion for the instrument.    

From an early age, being interested in antiques and the history of objects, it seemed appropriate that violin

repair be my trade.    I had been the repairman for a shop in 

Illinios for five years before training in Red Wing, Minnesota.


School For Violin Repair - Minnesota State Technical College

My workbench at Red Wing, MN.

Red Wing, Minnesota

My studyies continued in Red Wing, Minnesota with Lisbeth Nelson Butler, a graduate of the Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City, UT.

Under the training of Lisbeth Butler I learned the classical techniques of repair and restoration.   



Southern Living Magazine  2003  - Tanner Latham

Tulsa, Oklahoma -Tulsa Violin Shop

Before becoming an independent repairman I spent five years with the Tulsa Violin Shop as shop foreman and sole repairman . 

Besides the business my work also attracted many reporters and photographers, such as the Southern Living Magazine article to the left.   

From the moment I started at the Tulsa Violin Shop until the last, every instrument in the shop was under my repsonsibility to set-up and adjust.   Being the sole repairman for such a large shop kept me very busy for those five years, allowing me to establish my skills with the local Philharmonic, and regional violinists.

The String Doctor

Tulsa World 2004

My training has continued as I work with new makers and repairmen.  I have had the honor to study with master repairmen Amos Hargrave and Horacio Pineiro (pictured below).



My repairs for the classical community have allowed me extensive experience working on very fine instruments, and providing an instrument that is healthy and sounds to the owners satisfaction.

Helping many fiddler's keep their signature "fiddle"  sound was a talent learned from working with many players of all styles and techniques.

Since 2003 Barthelemes Conservatory's instrument maintence and repairs have been my honor to provide.  Barthelemes is a unique organization in Tulsa that provides full curriculum training for string players, and all students of music .  For more visit the Links.





















  The String Doctor is now Tulsa Strings Violin Shop, a full service violin shop.  

Offering a great selection of instruments,

bows, fittings, strings, and repairs on site.